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Microsoft business intelligence expands the reach of your investments in the Microsoft productivity platform, data infrastructure and collaboration tools you already own. Their solution delivers business intelligence by integrating the strengths of these products on a single platform to empower informed business decisions.

They offer a full range of business intelligence solutions that work together to form a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with the scalability and vision to help you drive your business forward.

A trusted BI platform is critical for a business intelligence solution to work today. If we’re going to achieve the promise of BI, we need to have the confidence and trust in the data, we need to know where it came from, and that it is both timely and reliable for us to use to make a decision. That’s where the power of an integrated BI platform like SQL Server comes into play.

  • Once you have the data ready to use, the middle tier comes into play, where business users actually interact with the data and turn it into something that is useful to them to make the right decision. The numbers that we pull from other systems are just that—we need applications and content to turn them into actionable items—and that’s where the middle tier comes into play.
  • Finally, we need the right tools and applications to ensure that we can use that data in the way we want to in order to make our decisions. Applications and tools that range from personal, to team, to organizational and corporate tools, all with a familiar look and feel, all integrated and working with my Operating system, email, Internet search function. And this is what the power of integration through Microsoft Office brings you. From the Office productivity tools like Excel, through to the team and collaboration tools of SharePoint. By integrating BI seamlessly into a broader business productivity suite that includes search, collaboration, unified communications, and content management, we offer the end user a much richer experience.

Today's BI Reality for Most Organizations

Difficult to Use

Foreign tools inhibit adoption and use


Functionality split across multiple tools


Rigid and unable to change with the business


Narrowly deployed without a complete view


Too costly for broad deployed

Today's BI Reality for Most Organizations

Microsoft Chart

Being a Certified Microsoft Partner as well as the Managed SQL partner, Binary Vintage has the proficiency with the key Microsoft products needed to delivery the Microsoft Business Intelligence solution offerings.

Product Proficiency:

  • SQL Server 2008
  • Analysis Services and Reporting Services,
  • SharePoint Server
  • PerformancePoint Services

Our Aim is to be able to deliver a complete BI solution to everyone who needs to use information in their organization today who’s focused on driving performance. Through the trusted Microsoft infrastructure that you have already invested in Today, build on the industry leading BI platform of SQL server, and we will deliver the results through the MS Office environment.

So we are driving value throughout the organization—in a solution that everyone can use and that delivers reduced support, training, and maintenance and increased user adoption and satisfaction.