Micro Focus ALM

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Manage, Measure and Improve Each Critical ALM Process

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions

Micro Focus Solutions are designed to help global organizations manage and improve software delivery through Open Application Lifecycle Management (Open ALM). Whether utilizing agile, iterative or waterfall approaches, Micro Focus brings together software delivery best practices, real-life customer successes and innovative technology to address the complexity faced by today’s software organizations. There areas of focus are:

  • Requirements Definition & Management
  • Testing and ASQ
  • Change Management

Focusing on these critical processes improves visibility and manageability, leading directly to increased quality, reliability and, ultimately, predictability over the entire software delivery process.

Through these three solution areas, they help customers improve and automate the activities within each critical process to support successful software delivery. Their solutions consist of products, skills training and consulting services focused on each of the core delivery process areas.

Binary Vintage being the Value Added Distributor for Micro Focus, we have the trained personnel to be able to provide the full suite of solutions offered by Micro Focus.

Micro Focus chart 01
Micro Focus chart 01