Everything you need to know about Binary Vintage
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In today’s challenging and exciting business environment, the need for prompt and accurate information to facilitate rapid business decision making is greater than it has ever been before. You can rely on our availability around the clock regardless of what technical problems you may have. With our passion and dedication, we’ll go the extra mile for you by applying creativity and imagination to your business competency plans to assist you and your company in staying competitive and successful.

Binary Vintage, a specialized software development company, is a provider of application development and professional consultation services. Engineering business software for competitive business process models – that’s what we do best.

Binary Vintage is founded in 2002 by a group of software innovators and business specialists who share a vision to be the most effective software development company known in the industry. As a fast growing software innovation company, we are able to draw upon the system integration and implementation expertise from our strategic knowledge to holistically meet our clients’ needs. Our team of elite technological consultants are after all dedicated and committed to pushing the limits in software development. Together, we have over thirty man years of experience in consulting, software solutions and system integration for a wide range of clients.

Today, Binary Vintage core businesses involves

  • Collaborative Services Delivery
  • Enterprise Consulting
  • Managed Testing Services
  • Business Analysis, Business Intelligence Solution
  • Project Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Custom Software Development
  • Net Platform
  • Focus on Microsoft Sharepoint / SQL / K2
  • Help customer assure on software quality
  • Code Review, Audits and Metrics
  • FRequirement Based Functional Testing / Performance Testing
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